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Meet Our Head Chef

Meet Forrester’s Head Chef: Rohit Bohora

Chef Rohit brings over a decade of experience and his passion for food to Forrester’s.

Chef Rohit, a seasoned culinary artist, with 12 years of experience in various hospitality establishments, embodies the idea that experience is the greatest teacher. From an eager commis chef, he ascended through the culinary ranks to his role as Head Chef at Forrester’s. For Chef Rohit, a dish is more than just a recipe, but a fusion of flavours, textures, and artistry that come together harmoniously.

He draws inspiration from creative freedom, experimentation, and the transformation of humble ingredients into works of art. As a head chef, his true motivation arises from a deep passion for food, mentoring a talented culinary team, and delighting diners with extraordinary experiences.

Throughout his career, he has also honed his leadership skills, having led kitchen teams to success while maintaining a high level of efficiency and creativity in fast-paced environments. He prioritises teamwork and effective communication, which he considers vital in the culinary world. Chef Rohit values the strong camaraderie within his team, which has grown since their journey began at Forrester’s.

His culinary expertise spans American to Middle Eastern cuisine, and in recent years, he’s focused on crafting Australian and British inspired dishes with locally sourced ingredients.

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