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Forrester’s Guide to a Successful Game Day

At Forrester’s we believe a successful game day comes down to the preparation.

If you’re a big footy fan, then you’ll understand that being well hydrated, fueled and ready for a big game, is just as important for the fans, as it is for the players.

As a Sydney Swans friendly venue, we believe being well prepared to cheer on the Sydney Swans team is essential.

Find out what we believe makes for a successful game day.


Top 5 Tips for a Successful Game Day 

Wear Your Team Colours

Starting off with a no-brainer.

Wearing your teams colours is a must, it’s a good talking point, plus your mates will be jealous that they didn’t wear their’s.

For us, it’s the Red & White, Go the Bloods!

Bonus! Wear the Red & White or show your game day tickets to one of our staff, to receive $5 Schooners of Moon Dog Pale Ale Schooner & half price chicken wings before & during the game.


Gather The Crew

Organising a bunch of friends to go watch the footy is essential!

Whether they’re a die hard footy fan or just into their footy, the more the merrier.

Hot Tip: Be careful who you invite, as there’s always going to be that one friend who thinks he’s the referee and embarrasses the whole group.

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Fuel The Body

A successful game comes down to the preparation, not only for the players but also for the fans!

Grabbing a feed and a few cheeky beers before heading to the game, will ensure everyone is fueled and ready for a big game.

Swing past Forrester’s for an epic Smashed cheeseburger or try our signature Big Yorkie.

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Get Your Head In The Game

At this stage you should be physically prepared. Now it’s time to get you mentally ready for a big game.

We suggest getting to the stadium early, to score yourself the best seats, where you can see all the action.

Enjoy the game, and remember to pace yourself, you’ve got a long game ahead of you.

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Continue The Celebrations

Whether you’re celebrating or commiserating, there’s always an excuse for post-match kick-ons.

No need to wave a taxi down, simply stroll down the hill from the SCG and pop your head into rehydrate.

At Forrester’s we believe, win or lose everyone deserves a beer!

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One Final Tip!

Remember to hydrate!

Your team worked hard, and so did you!