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Pilar Basa Features in The Art Room

We are delighted to introduce our newest mural artist, Pilar Basa, to Forrester’s Art Room!

Nestled in the corner of Forrester’s Surry Hills, The Art Room is a cosy space that aims to share creativity. The Art Room partners with creatives to give them a platform to showcase their work to our community. The feature artist will rotate throughout the year, and we encourage you to relax, enjoy wine and nibbles while viewing the artworks from local talent. Find out more here.

Let us delve deeper into our current artist, Pilar Basa.

Pilar is an incredibly talented illustrator, artist, and designer who calls Sydney home. With experience in diverse fields ranging from designing packaging for a boutique bakery in NYC to collaborating with global brands such as Hershey’s, Pilar employs Gouache and pigment markers and digital tools like Procreate, Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop to create her stunning pieces.

Pilar has a passion for drawing, whether it be a classic Aussie scene, meals, bugs or anything in between! She explained to us “I believe that we can find beauty in everything that surrounds us and that just a calm moment of hilarity is the key to enjoying this wholeheartedly.”


We look forward to seeing you at The Art Room gallery!

Want to find out more about Pilar? Check her website here or follow her on Instagram @pilar.basa

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