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Master The Menu: Smashed Patty Cheeseburger

Make Forrester’s Smashed Patty Cheeseburger At Home

A timeless pub classic, our cheeseburger recipe uses locally sourced ingredients that enhance it with rich layers of flavour.

Our cheeseburger is a labour of love with a tender, juicy smashed patty, soft buns and homemade sauce, served classically with lettuce and tomato. Recreate this recipe at home at your next BBQ or on a hot summer day with a chilled pint – you won’t regret it.

We source our beef sustainably from the Cowra region through Whole Beast Butchery in Marrickville. The dry-aged meat is minced fresh and seasoned lightly, giving it a grassy, funky, and rich flavour, making it the best burger patty in the world (in our opinion).

Our buns come from Breadtop Bakery; they’re soft, sweet, and really let the filling shine. The pickles are made by the legends at Westmont Pickles, using Australian-grown gherkins. Fun fact: we were their first commercial client, and they’ve grown massively, and we still love their products.

For the sauce, we mix Birch and Waite mayo, French’s American mustard, and the amazing Heinz Ketchup. Tomato sauce, step aside! Instead of the usual American hi-melt cheese, we’ve gone for locally made Australian Tasty cheddar.



For the sauce:
Birch and Waite vegan mayo
Gherkin relish
French’s American mustard
Heinz ketchup

For the burgers:
High quality mince burger patties
Milk buns
Australian Tasty cheddar
Westmont pickles
Lettuce, tomato and onion rings


Place the burger patties directly on the grill with a square of baking paper. Give them a good press and smash right on the grill to make that fat sizzle and create those delightful, crunchy bits.

Next, get the bun halves and brush them generously with butter. Pop them on the grill to toast them up just right.

Flip that patty, top it with a slice of cheese, and let it melt into delicious perfection. Give it a little rest when it’s cooked to your liking.

For the sauce, mix up the ingredients and generously drizzle it on both sides of the bun. Then, stack it up: pickles on the base, followed by lettuce and tomato (don’t forget a pinch of salt and pepper on the tomato).

Finally, put that mouthwatering patty right in the middle, and you’re ready to serve it up. We recommend chips on the side if you’re feeling extra indulgent! Enjoy!

Tag us @forresterssydney if you try this recipe at home, or make a booking and enjoy it in all its glory at Forrester’s.